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you were an amazing person  / Danielle DeCarr (Friend)
Scotty was a good friend to alot of people and an amazing person. He will be missed by a lot of people. I wish he was still here, I keep thinking I will see him again, but reality hits and I know I won't and it hurts knowing that. To Marie and Ron, you raised a bright, amazing person who grew to be an amazing man. Always remember he is with god right now looking down on you and he will always, someway somehow, keep on letting you know how much he loves you both. God bless all.
I understand your pain  / Connie
My heartfelt condolences to you and your family at the loss of this beautiful young man.  I understand your pain. I lost my nephew in 2003 at the age of 19 to suicide and my brother in 1979 at the age of 22 to suicide.  No goodbyes. Just a family full of broken hearts. 

God be with you in this most trying time. 

God Bless

Connie - Sammy's aunt
My deepest sympathies  / Janet Studdard (FFOS friend of Elaine )
No words are adequate to express condolences that will help much at this time and I realize that.  I just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers as you try to come to terms with the reality of losing your precious child. Love and prayers, Janet
The Elephant in the Room  / Aunt Elaine (Aunt)
Scotty, for those left behind and cry for your loss, I post this for us and as a tribute to you.


There's an elephant in the room
It is large and squatting, so it is hard to get around it.
Yet we squeeze by with "How are you?" and "I'm fine"...
And a thousand other forms of trivial chatter.
We talk about the weather.
We talk about work.
We talk about everything else -
except the elephant in the room.
--There's an elephant in the room.
We all know it is there.
We are thinking about the elephant as we talk together.
It is constantly on our minds.
For, you see, it is a very big elephant.
But we do not talk about the elephant in the room.
Oh, please, say his name.
Oh, please, say "Scott" again.
Oh, please, let's talk about the elephant in the room.
For if we talk about his death,
Perhaps we can talk about his life.
Can I say "Scotty" to you and not have you look away?
For if I cannot, then you are leaving me...
In a room...
With an elephant 

~by Terry Kettering 

We need to remember your life and not those few tragic moments of your death. Scotty, watch over us all and we will celebrate your life as soon as we can.

We love you.
MY DARLING  / Ron Phillips (DAD)

i know that you struggeled every day, with different so called friends . your real freinds were just that , REAL, not phony in any way, and you had many. just 12 minutes after talking with you ,
you decided to leave this world and family behind . Scotty, my baby, 
i love you even though you chose to leave us . this is unconditional love , it will last and eternity . you loved watching over toddlers and infants even though the older ones would criticize and ridicul you . my son, you stopped a young girl from doing the very thing you have done . as i told you every single day when getting off the phone with you I love you , behave and be good . i will right more later when my eyes stop watering for a short period . i am playing the song with the bagpipes that you loved so much, my boy . i know you are watching over me and all the others , it's ironic though as all i want is to watch over you . you were and are my lifes blood , it is hard for me to come back to reality , you are gone . I LOVE YOU , BEHAVE AND BE GOOD !

Our Scotty  / Elaine Marshall (Scott's Aunt )

Scott was my nephew, 22 yrs old and had his whole life before him. Through various problems, Scott had low self esteem and didn't feel like he had many friends in his life. He was so wrong.

On July 27th, Scott had an event, that most all of us go through at some time or another, and he took his life. He shot himself in the heart and died within seconds.

Scott's Mom, Marie, found him a little after 10PM that night. She had been alerted something was wrong by Scott's brothers, Lance and Justin. She left work immediately and raced home only to find Scott laying there with the rifle, too late to do anything for her beloved son.

Ron, Scott's Father and my brother, arrived right after the rescue squad and was barred from entering the house. Scotty was gone. A life cut short and a family devastated once again from a suicide.

We all dreaded the first calling hours as both of Scott's parents were absolutely grief stricken over his death. As we entered the door, Scott's Mom was laid out over the casket just hysterically crying and Ron joined her shortly after. I hope none of you ever have to witness a parent's soul crushing grief over a child's death.

Scott's friends started to arrive and continued for the 2 sets of calling hours. For this young man to say and feel he didn't have any friends was just plain wrong on his part. They all huddled around his casket and absolutely sobbed with the rest of us. Some of them left mementos by Scotty's body and then went outside to collapse in each other's arms.

The day Ron, Marie and the rest of us buried Scott, was hot and brutal. He was laid to rest along side his great-grandparents and in front of his grandparents. I didn't think either one of Scott's parents would survive this day. While the rest of us were heart-broken, their hearts were being torn out by the minute.

The service was over and Scotty's casket was lowered into the vault. We couldn't leave. The last seconds of being close to Scott were drawing to a close.

His friends had come to the cemetery to pay their final tribute and Ron and Marie gave them this time to say their goodbyes. They gathered around the open grave with red roses to put with the casket and softly they said both the Lord's Prayer and the 23rd psalm. Through our tears and sobs we then heard a young lady's voice softly sing Amazing Grace.

And Scott thought he had no friends.

I write this so you will go hug your children, your grandchildren, any young person in your reach. Tell them they are treasures. Have them count their blessings with you. This life, this young man was loved and valued by all who knew him. His parents will never be the same. Don't let this horrible tragedy happen to you.

And that's what it is. A tragedy.

My love and hope for the rest of our children,

Christmas is soon  / Elaine Scott's (Aunt)

We all miss you sweetie. I'm sure there is celebrations for you. Give Gramma, Grampa and Uncle Dickie a kiss and a hug from all of us here.
Aunt Elaine

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