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my boy  / Ron (dad)
winter is finally upon us son . it is cold and snowy as you know . most of the time it is raining here in the living room , but that is normal here . son i need , your hug , your little peck on my cheek , your smile , your tears , your presence . i try not to come to often only because i miss you so bad and my heart crys . i know you understand and wouldnt want me to hurt . WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME . budda i have to get off as the rain is moving in son , i love you Scotty and always will Dad
I'M HERE  / Ron (dad)
here i am partner you'd like christie . i havent meant her yet but i hope soon i have been reading some of her notes to her loved ones that are with you up there they are so nice i wish i could write like that but you know me . i miss you so much i wish i could hold you and kiss you just one more time . i miss everything you coming over unexspected laughing about the tool man telling pen to get back in the bank there is so much son . why did u leave me and us . someday we will be together i promise . i luv ya son
daughter / Ron (dad)
well son i finally found my daughter after all these years . dont worry my love for u is never ending and is as strong as ever . this is a ray of hope in a life awaiting to be with you . you are just lucky you made me promise not to follow you to his arms . once again it is sprinkleling in the living room thats normal usually pouring . i love you  my son WHY DID U LEAVE ME ??
missing you  / Ron (dad)
well son it has been one of those nights/days where i cant get u off my mind . i wonder if u r alright but then i realize u r with him so i know u r . i just wish i could be there also . i still take pills to wake up pills to go to sleep and insulin to stay alive . winter is coming soon son but that season fits right in to my mood dark cold and dreary . nothing good to tell ya except I LOVE YOU and will never stop . awaiting the day to be with you .
my boy  / RON (DAD)
sorry hon as i have not wrote in awhile . it never seems as though the time is there but not writting does mean that i dont luv ya or not thinking of ya every second of everyday . i was remembering yesterday how hard we laughed together when tim the tool man shocked himself doing some electrical work . we couldnt stop . i wish those days were still here . it has been hard doing daily things because of rain just about every other day . i miss u so bad all i want is to be there with u i wish u didnt make me promise not to come there before i am called . i am too afraid to do anything scared of not finding u when i arrive . i know u luv me son but do u know i luv u more more . 
Another year  / Cayce Kennedy-Brabson (friend)
Hey Sug Another year has gone by and I still miss you like crazy. I think about you everyday and wonder what you're up to. I hope you're behaving yourself. I would come visit if I could today but thats a long expensive trip. Ill be home again at christmas I'll try to get up to see you then if i can get a car. Its hard to do with only a limited amount of time before we have to be back here ya know. Bellas getting huge and giving me a run for my money man I cant keep up with her ne more but im sure ur up there laughin at me. I hope your ok and happy now. I hope that we are ok ya know. I love you Sugar Pie Love Cayce
constant rain  / RON P. (Dad)

all the time here in the living room and throughout the house my son . it never clears always dark and gloomy .. i dont know or understand what is going on . i am extremely depressed hard to listen to my radio station without the rain coming . i spend almost every night thinking of ya and contemplating the question of all time WHY !! there are times lately that i want to just say the heck with it my son and go to ya . my health is better since i went on my pump so that isnt a cause - YOU ARE ! i need ya ! now both your brothers dont talk to me so i've lost all three of ya i cant deal with it . i have no one but pen and thats ok but i need my sons - ALL 3 !! 2 of them are on this earth but as you i cant hold them or talk to them  through their choice maybe thats why you dont come to me i'm just a miserable old man and finally realizing that is probably why you left all together . i have gotten even worse since 7-27-06 . i'm just an old SOB . the weather is finally warming up here and i will be out to spend the day with you soon . there are times my son that i think i see you just watching me like the other night at work i turned my head to see what a noise was and for a mili-second i saw a figure that i couldnt make out except for a green fatigue army coat . that happened twice that same night . atleast let me know it is you my son please ! i find your feathers all over when i am not even looking for them . i know or atleast have been told that your mom does not come to this site . i know you love her just to let ya know i think she is ok . i dont really talk to her much at all . but i know you look over all of us and know that anyway . i wish now that i never promised you i would stay here until it was my time - I NEED YOU - rest my son and be good and behave I LOVE YA and always will ! YOUR DAD !!!!!!!!!

Hey Sug  / Cayce Kennedy-Brabson (friend)

Hey Sug it's been a while i know im lame but we went out of town for a while. We are planning a trip back home for Juni if it works out I should be able to stop out and see you. I miss you alot and wish you could be here to experiance this with me we talked about it all the time. I dont know if youre listening or ever get a chance to see this but I want you to know I still love you with everything I have and always will

friends / Ron P. (dad)

i can remember a time that you told me you had no friends . i dont think you were right ! just read all that people have wrote about you and to you . i told ya ! my son you are and were well loved by all you touched and you touched many sometimes not even realizing it . youre body may not be here on this earth but youre memory is alive and well i know for me it will never fade away or die . not a day goes by that i am not reminded of you in some way. i long to hug you and to give ya a peck on the cheek like i use to . i know i havent wrote much my son forgive me alot going on . all things you dont have to worry about anymore . it wont be long and i'll be out again for the day to clean up and put arrangements out how was the diet pepsi i left for ya ? i know i shouldnt of but i left a smoke too . obviously i cant bring the arrangements out on the bike so at some point after the initial clean up i'll bring them out in the blazer . i'm still waiting my son i know you have your reasons and thats fine i'll wait for as long as it takes ! I LOVE YOU MY SON BE GOOD



always missed  / Eileen Cross (close friend )
wow its been 4 yrs already it seems like it was just last year im sry i missed ur funeral i wanted to be there so coming t see u soon i miss you scott and ur temper lol....i have ur picture on my wall and justin and i talk about u just so we will always remember u and how u can make us laugh u can never be sry u went b4 u got to really live ur life...i love you scott
Guess who I found  / Cayce Kennedy-Brabson
Well love guess who I just talked to. Vladimir!!!! he said he had heard what happened and misses you terrible and loved you. I know how much him and Sonja ment to you. I knew you would want to know they still think of you and miss you. As do I. Jack found some of your clothes the other day I lost it. He lets me miss you he knows how much in love with you I still am. I hope your ok there and Grandma isnt being to hard on you just remember shes the boss and takes care of everyone she will always be on your side if you need anything and dont let her over exert herself tkae care of her for me. Love you Sugar Pie.
I'm so sorry  / Ron P. (Dad)
well my darling i wanted to get some arrangements for everybody there however as you know from the poisoning of my body from the diabetes and the extreme weight loss it has taken its toll on me for this round of the battle . i have no energy for anything . i have another doc appt in a few days and we'll see . i am fighting the poison with everything i have i dont know if it is better or not but who cares . i am so sorry for not getting out there with the arrangements but i just couldnt do it . please forgive me . i am trying my son . i love you and miss you so much i dont care what happens to me . i talk to you daily but i get no response but thats O.K. as my love for you is unconditional . i miss you my darling .
Another year  / Cayce Kennedy-Brabson
Another year has gone by and i still miss you. I celebrated my daughters 1st birthday and wish she could have met you. I think she does though she loves to play peak a boo wiht thin air and i wonder if its you. i know how much you loved kids and she spends hours talkin to no one and playin with no on she laughs more when shes alone then she does when i play with her. thank you sug you have no idea how much it means to me to know your still here. i was watching our show remember the friday nights stayin up late to watch it i cant get it here in germany so i watch it online and everytime i do i think of you and how you used to laugh at me for being afraid of the dark and would do anything to scare me when i had my back turned. the tvs been actin up with the volume very funny u know that stuff make me mad. keep it up lol. i love you sug and will see you again someday
Scotty My Boy  / Ron P. (Dad)
My boy i was out on the dreaded day the 27th of july . it was nice out . i had scattered showers and thunderstorms here in the living room . it seems that is just a way of life for me now . it has been 3 long years since i heard your voice or gave ya a hug goodbye after you had stopped over . i take pills to stay awake pills to go to sleep and insulin to stay alive . it seems all i do is work and cry . i need you so much . i'm gonna buy some nice flower arrangements for out their for you mom and dad granma and grandpa too . i cleaned up alot when i was there . we had a good talk but it was kind of one sided but thats O.K. i wanted to write this when i got home that day but i couldnt bring myself wasnt a very good day it never is on that day . i took the day off to be with you even if it was for only 3 or 4 hours . we wont get into the rest of the day .i love you my boy and i miss you so much i wait for you every night to come to me but not yet and i just cry more in the morning . take care son and come visit me please . i love you
we miss you  / Jamie Phillips (Sister in-law (justin's wife) )

Bethany sleeps with the bear you gave her every night.

I wish corey could have known you.

sorry for every fight we ever had

We love you scott your picture is on my wall always and we will see you when we get there.

Jamie ,Bethany, Corey

alright sug  / Cayce Kennedy-brabson
hey hunny hows it goin ok so heres how it is THANK YOU!!! dont know how i would have gotten through the last week without you and grandma by my side i draw my strength from knowing you guys are here with me Bella still stares off into space and giggles at nothing i know its you being silly with her and grandma probubly calmin her down when she gets upset lol but the smell is so strong in her nursery the smell of your damn swisher sweets thank you again i love you always suger pie give grandma a hug from me and tell her i love her keep an eye out for hero too he needs help where he is he sees grandma from time to time can you believe it a ladybug in iraq but just keep him safe for me as well as my Bella thank you sug our still my first true love and always will be
my precious  / Ron P. (Dad)

the days are long and cold my son . it seems that they are longer without you in them son . it rains alot here in the living room around the holidays , i liked the trick with the shower , i noticed !  i just wish that you would show yourself more when you are around me . it would be easier getting through the days/nights . i struggle to get through them . i want to be with you son , and will be one way or the other . i dont know when but soon with any luck . dont make me suffer like this son . gotta go my precious , again with the rain in here . i luv you and miss ya baby .

Hey sug  / Cayce Kennedy-Brabson
Hey sweetie happy holidays hope your getting your fill of good stuff this year we miss you alot and aunt roxanne and aunt rene said the miss you like crazy alot we talk about you all the time mostly funny stories lol i know you've benn entertaining Bells for me and i know its you cause i always smell your swisher sweets afterwards that and the volume on the tv goes crazy like the car radio did every time we were driving somewhere and you were messin with me lol playin with the volume cause i wanted it quiet and you wanted it loud ugh that used to drive me crazy now its just funny lol i miss you sug have a merry christmas i love you sugar pie
Merry Christmas  / LeAnne Bertollini (jp's girlfriend )
Hey there scotty just wanted to stop and thank you for the blessings that you gave your father for Thanksgiving he so needed to feel that. It was really great to hear the joy in his voice when he called to tell me about your visits. Scotty please keep your presents known for Christmas is very close it is only a few days away. We are having Dad and Penny's Christmas tomorrow at their house and I hope that you will be there with us and make it known to dad that you are there. He loves and misses you so as well as the rest of us. I hope that you and Aunt Elaine are catching up and watching over dad together for I pray for that every morning and night. Well there big guy I hope that there are more exsperiences for dad to tell me about with the days and the holidays yet to come. Merry Christmas to you and Aunt Elaine.             God Bless You!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving  / LeAnne Bertollini (jp's girlfriend )
Scotty..... you are lost but never forgotten as it is another holiday that is going by that you are not here physically. You are here in spirit that we know but so many are hurting unsure of were to go. Scotty please watch over your family they love you always and forever. Come to dad scotty he needs to see you so bad show him that he has something to be thankful for. Show him that we are all here and love him.
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